Skin conditions from a gardener's point of view - getting balance


When it comes to healing your skin, it might help to use the more familiar topic of gardening to understand how to go about healing your skin, including where you have broken sores from scratching or from pimples or abscesses. Your skin is the biggest organ of the body and faces the world and all it’s influences directly. Just like the soil, if we don’t keep it healthy it becomes barren or overgrown with the wrong stuff.


If you want glowing healthy skin free of itchy or irritating skin conditions, it seems you can heal and remedy the surface topically or internally, by restoring balance in your gut. The how to  I will explain in this blog, but the difference in treatment of the various different versions of skin conditions, is time and application - how long depends on which condition is the result of your microbiome imbalance.


Imbalance on the micro level may show up as acne, eczema or dermatitis. What is important to understand, like in your garden, where your plants are not thriving, weeds somehow will. So too when your good bacteria are not thriving, the wrong bacteria somehow do.


Your skin works a little like soil; you need moisture, protection from the sun and, this might sound absurd - micro-organisms, in our case, good bacteria rather than earthworms.

When the skin has these things in balance, our skin thrives. When we don’t, we experience dryness or irritation or even worse, unhealthy bacteria such as Propionibacterium acnes can move in and we get sores or pimples. The studies tell us that by introducing the healthy bacteria back into our system and supporting them by eating prebiotics (fibre) and healthy fresh food, these conditions improve.Your commitment is just a matter of time. 21 days can change a lot; acute conditions may need a bit more.


Drinking kefir, or applying kefir topically is comparable to adding natural fertiliser to the soil in a garden, you should mind your doses. The study linked below, diluted the kefir in vaseline as a carrier. This is important because you don’t want to burn your skin by applying it in its concentrated form. Petroleum jelly is readily available and benign and works just fine, other natural carriers like coconut oil can also deliver valuable nutrients or healing benefits if you prefer a more organic carrier.


When you are drinking milk kefir, you might too experience changes in your body as a result of its medicinal effect if you are not used to it in a concentrated form. Remember you are introducing a life force of trillions of microbiota that are devoted to making things right inside you. You only need to have 40 ml of kefir per day, along with your fresh fruit and vegetables in a balanced meal plan, to get started.


You may see the adjustments in the form of more frequent bowel movements or new feelings in your gut and energy levels. If you are trying to fix an imbalance that causes you to suffer skin conditions, then you can understand that changes to your normal routine are a part of the remedy. Be gentle on yourself and record the changes and always consult with a health practitioner you can trust when you decide to improve your health.


The reward of balancing your microbiome, be it your skin biome or gut biome goes a lot further than just improving how you look. Just like in a garden, beautiful flowers are the reward, the beauty goes far deeper and it reflects the care coming from deep within.


I encourage you to read more about the detail in the links provided or short cut straight to ordering kefir in the form you need it, and drink, eat or use a little every day for 21 days, to measure early results. At NuMEsa, our confidence is what makes our product so popular you can even pick it up from any of these health food or grocery stores in South Africa.


NuMe SA, building a happier, healthier South Africa - one microbiome at a time.


Written by Viv Brown



This study  reminds me of when I want to grow a healthy garden in a spot that has been neglected, the first thing is to improve the soil with bacteria rich compost found that kefir mixed with vaseline improved the healing of skin wounds over using vaseline only; on rabbits. Kefir too is a healthy rich alive medium for improving the health of your skin.


This article really does a good job of explaining, far better than I am able, the reason why the microbiota (the biological life forces in our bodies) have such a huge influence on dermal (skin) health. It motivates the recurring message of how fermented foods - particularly kefir - can be a simple, readily available and proven source of the strains of good bacteria needed to heal skin, in the trillions.